The ever changing mood of the world's most famous beach - Bondi Beach Sydney.

Bondi Beach is more than a strip of sand; it’s a stage on which the drama of human life is played out. “Every day is different. You meet all sorts of interesting people, from Buddhist priests to transvestites. There’s always something going on,” says photographer Eugene Tan.

Tan knows the beach better than most. Not only does he live 300 metres away; for the past 15 years, he’s been getting up at first light to shoot the action on the beach. He displays the images on his website, Aqua bumps, which has garnered a legion of devoted followers around the world, hooked on the pageantry of one of the world’s most famous beaches.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about his images is how diverse they are. They range from seascapes to actions shots to portraits of locals. From triumphant spray-flecked surfing shots to misty mornings or architectural silhouettes, Tan says he never knows what he will shoot before he hits the beach

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